Identifying the real needs of the client is crucial so as to set up a translation project in the best possible way. The main goal I want to achieve is clients satisfaction. That is why every translation project is carefully planned and completed within the agreed time frame and budget.

I use one of the best computer-aided translation software (CAT tool) on the market which speeds up the translation process and creates economic value for the client.

Rate per word or translation page (please find below the definition).

The translation page is usually composed of 1500 characters including spaces (keystrokes) counted on the source text. If the source text is not in Word format or is not editable, the count is made at sight considering that one page equals to about 220 words. How to calculate the number of translation pages in a Word document: open “Word Count” (Menu > Tools) and divide the total character number (including spaces) by 1500. To determine the total price of the translation, multiply the number obtained by the agreed page price.

Contact me anytime to talk about your translation projects, to get a free, no-obligation quote or simply ask a question about the language services I can provide!


The post-editor’s task is to improve a text previously translated using machine translation systems. This is an increasingly popular service, but can be really tricky. There are two levels of post-editing to choose from (light or full) and it depends exclusively on the client’s needs and the purpose of the document.

Rate per word or on an hourly basis.

Sworn translations and legalizations

Sworn translations are translations that are made official by an oath, said in Court, or in front of a notary public. As a member of the experts register of the Chamber of Commerce of Pavia I carry out sworn or apostilled (i.e. legalized) translations at the courts of Pavia and Milan.

The final amount of the service will include the cost of the translation and a fixed charge for the service and for the revenue stamps to be applied on the translation.

Transcription from audio and video

The transcription service from audio and video files (in Italian language) is carried out with the help of a special software and has a cost per minute.

Fields of specialisation


This is the area in which I feel most comfortable and in which I have gained extensive experience:

  • brochures
  • user manuals
  • press releases
  • newspapers and trade magazines articles on printing solutions, plastics, polymers, non-woven fabrics
  • personal protection equipment
  • packaging
  • vehicle registration certificates
  • paintings
  • mechanical parts of vehicles
  • safety data sheets
  • IT getting started guide


An area that has always fascinated me in its different disciplines:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • biotechnology
  • life sciences
  • research and development of new products and materials

Medicine & Health care

I have an innate passion for everything that relates to medicine. I love to broaden my knowledge and deal with this kind of texts:

  • brochures and technical texts related to medical and surgical instruments and devices
  • declarations of conformity
  • user manuals
  • informed consent forms
  • medical reports
  • patient information leaflets
  • clinical trials
  • patients tool kit
  • pharmaceutical texts


  • brochures
  • press releases
  • technical data sheets
  • safety data sheets
  • pesticides labels
  • crop protection solutions
  • seeds
  • research & development


  • agreements
  • judgements
  • power of attorney
  • GDPR and privacy documents
  • mailing
  • disclaimers

Official and personal documents

  • driving licenses
  • vehicle registration certificates
  • diploma certificates
  • degree certificates
  • identity cards
  • vital records certificates (birth, marriage, death)